The superhero news has been flying around furiously the last few days as Superman has landed a director, Wolverine 2 courts an auteur, Idris Elba discusses appearring in Thor and Ghost Rider 2 (while he eyes Luke Cage), and Spider-Man gets to save an actress with chops. Green Lantern wanted to join the fun, so it has added to this swirling mass of Superhero hype… a website placeholder. The site, is simply what you see above in animated form with nothing else to be found. You can be sure Warner Brothers’ marketing squads will load it up with flashy content soon enough, but for the moment it is only a logo, some mist, and a release year. To be fair, it is a pretty classy bit of animation.

Bookmark the site and keep an eye out for Green Lantern news to start hitting soon. That 2011 release date will be here before we know it and now that the film has moved thoroughly into the post-production and visual effects stages, there will be content to show very soon.