If you were to take a straw poll of all the 20-30 year old males you know chances are most of them will say they don’t feel like a grown up. There is a very good reason for this, we don’t grow up, our parents lied to us.  All those times as a kid someone older than you gave you the impression that they were an adult they were faking it.

Men don’t grow up, This is a fact.

We are not just talking about our fellow geeks here, it’s all men, take a look at the evidence.

Toys: All men have toys, some are less obvious than others but they a still toys. A sports car is a toy, power tools are toys, any kind of electrical gadget is definitely a toy. I could go on but you get the idea.

We are Stubborn: Come on admit it, I know you hate being told you are but the fact is you are as stubborn as a spotty teenager who has been caught smoking.

We a governed by our sex drive: It’s a biological imperative… (well that’s the excuse I use anyway).

So if you think about this for a second you realize the world makes a lot more sense. You know the old joke about what would happen if kids ran the world? Well the do and they always have been. This is blatantly obvious when you look at the current state of my beloved United Kingdom at present.

We have a hung Parliament, which basically means no one party got enough votes in the general election to be declared the winner. Now if there truly was such a thing as a “grown up” then all the parties would be working together to form a government that put the best interests of the people first, instead we have had five days of the Labour party and Conservatives both trying to court the Liberal Democrats and get them to join their gang. Five days, I’ll say it again, Five days where in effect we don’t have a government. Five days where two of the parties are basically playing a game of my gang is better than yours. Shamefully the Lib Dems are no better they are (in kid terms) seeing who has the best sweets*.

Thankfully men don’t actually rule the world, a shadowy organization has actually been doing so since the dawn of time. They are the only ones who can make a stubborn man give in, or give up their toys, or go without sex.  

I’m sure you already know of who I speak, it is of course women, and lets be fair if they weren’t around  we really would be screwed.

*candy to my American readers.