Speaking of unrated horror…

The I Spit On Your Grave remake is doing the unimaginable, and getting really positive reviews from trusted sources (one who used to write for this site!) The story is simple, and revolves around a writer who rents a secluded cabin in the woods to work on her novel and ends up becoming the focus of attention for some horny hillbillies instead. They beat and rape her and leave her for dead… but she’s not done with them yet. The original is a masterwork of revenge cinema and it’s a bit surprising to hear that the remake is apparently just as brutal and uncompromising.

Today an unrated trailer has appeared that shows that this looks like the case. Be warned, however, it does spoil quite a bit of the movie for you…

Can you push “It’s Date Night” out of your heads long enough to anticipate this one?

Here is a list of locations and theaters where you can find the film this Friday. Not playing in your area? It’s expanding in the weeks to come- keep an eye on the official site.

Baltimore: AMC White Marsh 16
Chicago: AMC 600 North 9
Dallas: Read Angelika Mockingbird 8
Detroit: AMC Forum 30
Houston: AMC Studio 30
Los Angeles: Mann Chinese Complex 6 and Rave Bridge Cinema 18
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale: AMC Aventura 24
New York: AMC Empire 25 and City Village East 7
Phoenix: AMC Deer Valley 30
San Francisco: AMC Metreon 15