Attractive lass and Easy A star Emma Stone has officially been announced as Gwen Stacy in the new Spider-Man movie. You might known Stone from such films as Zombieland and Superbad. You might not know her from her guest appearances on The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and Lucky Louie, but that all depends on what you watch.

This casting opens up a number of questions about the reboot, as it may mean we may see yet another run at doing “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” storyline that Sam Raimi teased and toyed with in both the first and third of his Spider-Man movies. And we may also get another love triangle or quartet if there is a Mary Jane Watson in the film. Not all that much is known about the reboot that hasn’t been rumors, other than its director (Marc Webb) and its Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield, currently in both Never Let Me Go and The Social Network). But surely more information will trickle out with each new casting development. If we get a new Green Goblin, then we may only see one picture out of Emma Stone in the franchise.

Stone seems on her way to becoming a movie star, so this is mostly good casting for her, high profile work on one of the big franchises. And she’s shown herself to be a talented performer and comedian over the last couple movies. Like Garfield, it’s a good performer choice.

But of course, this casting opens the pervert controversy, as Gwen Stacy is a blond, and Emma Stone has been a redhead for her last couple of films. As Stone is a blond naturally, it seems likely Stone will go back to blond to match the classical appearance of Stacy. For those who like their carpets and drapes to match, this is excellent news.