This should get some people talking: the guys over at Total Film sat down with Idris Elba the other day for a chat, and one of the things that came out were some interesting bits regarding his Marvel contract.

While he’s appearing in Thor for director Kenneth Branagh, Idris hinted at two possible Marvel properties he’d be interested in… one of them being Luke Cage.

Cage, for those who don’t know, was one of the first African-American comic book superheroes, debuting in the early 1970’s. He obtained his powers of near-indestructibility and great stamina through an experiment gone awry, while in prison on fake Heroin charges.

Add Elba to a list of potential Cage’s that already includes Tyrese Gibson and Isaiah Mustafa, among others. Elba would make for a very interesting choice, despite the fact he’s British and the character is American. John Singleton is still attached to direct and several drafts of the script have already been turned in, so the good news is the project is still very much alive.

The chance to hear any one of these actors spout the line “Sweet Christmas” (Cage’s catchphrase, used in lieu of swearing) would be a treat unto itself. I hope this gets made.