The first trailer for John Landis’s Burke & Hare has hit the net from Ealing Studios! The film stars Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis as the two titular men, real-life body snatchers from 19th century Ireland who started selling bodies to science. When demand got higher than expected and they realized how much money could be made in the business, the duo started creating their own bodies. Perfect material for a comedy!

Other actors appearing include Christopher Lee, Tim Curry, Isla Fisher, Tom Wilkinson, and one Jessica Hynes- yes, we’ll be able to get that Spaced reunion we’ve all been waiting for.

As exciting as this film is with all this sheer comedic talent behind it, the trailer unfortunately isn’t all that. It’s one of those trailers that seems to have no faith in the source material, trying to cram as many jokes in the thing as possible and make it look zany rather than just giving you a taste of what to expect. We’re left with jokes that are doubtlessly better with a longer setup. Still, it’s a new John Landis comedy, his first feature film in 12 years (longer if you don’t consider Susan’s Plan one of his films) and you know you’re not going to miss it.

Burke & Hare comes out in the UK on October 29th, but there’s no plans for US distribution just yet.