The word on the streets is that Superman has a new director — and according to Deadline Hollywood Daily,  it’s that wunderkind of comic adaptation himself: Zack Snyder.

I’m surprised, if only because I had heard from multiple sources that Snyder had grown gunshy of comic book movies.  The lukewarm reception to Watchmen had taken its toll.

Personally, I like Snyder, so I’m not sorry he’s jumping back into DC waters. I’m thrilled. Snyder and Christopher Nolan certainly know their source material, and the combination is formidable. Surely, they’re equal to the task of rebooting the Man of Steel.

Nevertheless, now is the time you can make your Superman speedramping jokes.  For me, I won’t hate on this until I find out who they’re putting in the cape and tights ….

ETA: Snyder confirms that he’s set to direct via Twitter.  And THR’s Heat Vision spilled the beans on a plot point — the villain will be General Zod.