The Need for Speed franchise is about to get a rejuvenating shot of N2O from Criterion Games. Here’s the newest Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer, with an eye toward online features, diverse vistas, and a healthy stable of cars:

Hot Pursuit sets cops against crooks in races that are, according to Criterion Games, like a “dog chasing down a rabbit.” Criterion, who are responsible for the increasingly spectacular Burnout games, claim that Pursuit won’t be quite as arcade-styled as their flagship open world racer. The game’s autolog function seems like a neat way to track friends and line up new matches, and with a hundred miles of road, racing fans will have a lot of ground to cover.

The longest, straightest stretch of road you’re ever likely to drive is the one leading to New Mexico’s Very Large Array – skip to 0:55 in the video to see Pursuit’s digital version – which was famously featured in the movie Contact. That particular highway is a notorious proving ground for amateur racers and other leadfoots (leadfeet?). Racing down that stretch while a cop in a Reventon barrels down on you sounds about right.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit arrives on November 16th, with a demo coming to the PS3, Wii, and 360 on October 26th.