In a move that isn’t all too surprising these days, Deadline reports that The Hobbit films will be done in 3D.  This is despite talk at a Comic Con panel that the film would be done in 2D.  Negotiations continue to progress with Peter Jackson on the long-delayed property that earlier this year saw the departure of Guillermo Del Toro due to hamstringing by MGM financial woes.  After the 3D explosion this year, and all the films that are planned for the extra dimension, it actually seemed a foregone conclusion that this would occur.

I’ve gotten reacquainted with 3D several times this year, including at the just-wrapped 3D Film Festival here in L.A., so you can count me among the converted.  As long as the films are shot for 3D, rather than posted into it, they should be fine.  Jackson’s first three films looked great in 2D, and if he can wrangle James Cameron’s cameras away from him perhaps, the potential for simply spectacular-looking films will be high.  Providing that pesky green light ever goes off.  The source article mentions December of 2012, which isn’t unrealistic I suppose.