Amy Adams is progressively gaining popularity in Hollywood and according to EW,
has the enviable problem of deciding between three high-profile
projects. While one project in particular appears to be well ahead in
her deliberations (spoiler: it’s the Muppet movie), the other two are strong possibilities; new films from Cameron Crow and Alex Kurtzman…

We’re in for a gritty Christmas this year, but 2011 will have a very felt-covered yuletide season as The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made hits theaters on December 25th under the care
of Jason Segal and James Bobin (the latter is directing). Adams is
nearly set to take a role in the film opposite Segal, but there are
still contracts to be signed and schedules to be de-kinked. Until that
deal is set in stone (sewn in foam, rather), the actress is also
considering starring in We Bought a Zoo, the new Cameron Crowe film, or possibly Welcome to People, Alex Kurtzman’s directing debut.

the event that Adams ended up in Crowe’s film, she’d be starring
opposite Matt Damon as he takes over a defunct zoo as part of a deal
when he buys a beautiful estate. If the winds blew such that she took a
role in Welcome to People,
she’s be playing Chris Pine’s half-sister, who is attempting to raise a
child and battle alcoholism. She would also be taking a role in a film
about a man discovering his father’s secret family written by the
writers of Transformers. I’m not implying any sort of judgment here. Just stating the facts as they are.

schedules will work out in such a way that Adams can star in more than
one of these films. I’m not particularly invested one way or another- my
thoughts on Amy Adams are that… well, I don’t think about her much at
all. The most likely scenario is that she’ll end up getting fuzzy and
–regardless of the quality of the other projects– she’ll be better for

It’s a Muppet movie, just sign the papers and be in it lady.