I have a ton of unhealthy obsessions but none of them involve Harry Potter. As a result I must report that while I’ve enjoyed some of the films I could take or leave the entire franchise and with that information in mind you can judge this article as the ravings of a fool or appreciate my very neutral stance.

J.K. Rowling had some dudes move piles of cash with forklifts and squeezed out of her palace to visit Oprah Winfrey (who also had a barge carry stacks of dough out of the way to accommodate her girth) and discuss her future and how it pertains to the Little Wizard That Could.

Surprising zero people as reported by news bastion People, she alluded to the pisser that there are possibly three more books on the subject she could write. She hasn’t committed to them but warns that they could happen, especially if she decides she wants to own another peninsula.

There’s nothing wrong with more Harry Potter books. We all harbor hopes to see our favorite characters return to the spotlight, but Harry Potter is still very fresh on our minds. The acceleration of the book series to film was remarkable and seven books and eight films in a little over a decade is a massive accomplishment. Though laypersons like myself find it to be overkill with Harry Potter a part of nearly every year’s cultural landscape, fans have eaten it up and the sense of warmth and finality with the last book’s completion and how promising the film adaptations look have lent the series a very definite beginning and end.

More books clouds the mixture, because it’s so rare that a franchise has enjoyed the commercial and critical success as consistently as Harry Potter. There is nothing more to say is there?

It’s just an interview and whenever a creator says something even remotely tied to their beloved franchise it gets blown out of proportion but from my very unimportant perspective the one thing the world has had the perfect amount of without feeling deprived of is Harry Potter.