Sony’s Spider-Man reboot is well under way, and recent speculation was as to whom would be given the role of Peter Parker’s redheaded love interest, a role previously held (much to the chagrin of a lot of fans) by Kirsten Dunst.  Amongst the names being bandied about (names like Mia Wasikowska, Diana Agron and Georgina Haig), Emma Stone’s got tossed into the mix round about the time that her newest – Easy A – had made a splash.

Welp, as it turns out:  “Sony Pictures Entertainment will imminently offer the role of Mary Jane Watson to Emma Stone…”

Yeah – I’m pretty excited about this.  I don’t think anybody wanted this reboot to happen, but if it’s going to we’d might as well make the best of it.  Superbad, Zombieland and Easy A show that Stone does consistently damn fine work (I have yet to see The Rocker, however) and she does that beautiful-but-approachable Girl Next Door thing incredibly well.

As for the other girls?  They’re still being considered for Bryce Dallas Howard’s previous role of Gwen Stacy.  The most important thing to remember at the moment, however, is that the role has only been offered.  The ball’s in Stone’s court now and if she turns down the role (though I see that as highly unlikely), then everything else is back up fro grabs.  We’ll keep you updated.

Source | JoBlo