Andrew Niccol’s (Gattaca, The Truman Show, Lord of War) next has just landed 26-year-old Olivia Wilde to play 29-year-old Justin Timberlake’s mother.

While the cheap seats try to work out the math on that one, Niccol’s newest speculative piece (previously – and unfortunately – titled I’m.Mortal) is about “a society where people stop aging at 25 and time has become a currency. Apparently, the rich people are immortal, while the poor have a hard time surviving. Will (Timberlake) is one of those poor people, and tries to help his ailing mother (Wilde). When he is accused of murdering a rich man for his time, he goes on the run with a hostage (Seyfried) in tow.”  The premise sounds a bit convoluted, but Niccol is good for some damn smart films.  Wilde has turned in fine work in the past, what with her turn on House M.D. and her previous work with Timberlake and Seyfried in Alpha Dog.  She also has a helluva slate booked for later this/early next year (including the upcoming TRON: Legacy) so it looks like her career is about to really take off.  It doesn’t hurt that it will be alongside Timberlake’s (whose acting stock is sure to rise after this weekend’s The Social Network) first major leading role.

Source | Collider