The first member of the press has seen Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and it’s someone of weight, John Horn of the LA Times. A snippet from his brief, but really positive take on the film:

While there are plenty of jump-out-of-your-seat moments, “Don’t Be
Afraid of the Dark” is distinguished by its restraint and creative use
of sound. We’ve all seen countless fright flicks where creaking floors
create suspense, but how many have used whispers — “
Come down to the basement and play with us” — to equal effect?

January 21st is fast approaching, so start to expect to to start seeing more of this stuff trickle in [I’m a producer on the film]. I cannot wait for some of you folks to start seeing this. I found out this week we’ll be doing promotions in CHUD’s circle of influence in the South but I’m hoping to expand that for this flick.

Stay tuned… I have a few more of those Comic Con exclusive posters to hand out.