It doesn’t always work, but I often like posters that feel more like announcements than pieces of visual marketing. Don’t get me wrong, visually interesting posters that demonstrate care and consideration are always ideal, but I prefer a stark announcement poster over another goddamn floating head poster any day. The idea that the players involved in a production is enough to draw an audience site-unseen is impressive. Again, this is only in cases where the concept fits, and with The Coen Brothers production of True Grit starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin… it fits. Thus I give you the very focused teaser poster for True Grit


…of course, we also have the benefit of having seen the teaser trailer that, without really indicating a specific tone or approach to the story, shows us that we are in for a visual feast. While The Social Network is excellent, Inception continues to remain at many people’s favorite-of-the-year list, and we’ve got plenty of great film left to see, we shouldn’t underestimate the possibility that the best film released in 2010 may just swoop in at the last moment.

True Grit opens Christmas Day. You will probably see it, and I know I will.

Source | In Contention