Right about now you’re probably wondering who you should follow on Twitter. You’re in luck, because it’s not just Friday, it’s CHUD Follow Friday.


  • Name Bill Bennett ASC

  • Location Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • Web http://www.wfb4.com

  • Bio Cinematographer, dedicated to the
    creation of amazing images.

Cinematographer Bill Bennett’s work is mostly in television
commercials, shooting on 35mm and high-end digital formats. Like a
lot of DP’s on Twitter, he sometimes tweets while on a job, which is
cool because he’s always popping off snaps of all the cutting edge
camera equipment he gets to play with.


Stu Maschwitz resume lists ILM as an employer (MIB, The
Phantom Menace
, Galaxy Quest) before he left to help found
the Orphanage (Sin City, Grindhouse, Iron Man).
He wrote The DV Rebel’s Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making
Killer Action Movies on the Cheap
and is currently the Creative Director for Red Giant Software’s Magic
product line. He tweets a lot about technology, as well as
digital cinematography, editing and VFX. When you follow guys like
@5tu (and @CineBill) you get the perfect pairing of digital
production and post knowledge because they’re the ones who are
setting the standards for the medium.


  • Name: Big Hollywood

  • Location: Holllywood, CA

Flat out one of the weirdest film blogs
I’ve come across, Big Hollywood is the hydrocephalic brainchild of Matt Drudge
acolyte Andrew Breitbart (both pictured, at right), whose names should give you an idea of
what to expect: a somber, right-wing take on the entertainment
industry. From the big to the small screen, Big Hollywood’s humorless
staff turns a cynical, hyper-critical eye on the liberal cesspool of
communist anti-American propaganda known as Hollywood. It’s hard to
tell if these guys really love pop culture or they really hate it,
but either way, the angry mashup of politics and entertainment
certainly makes for an interesting read.*

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