We just received the new poster for The Next Three Days from Lionsgate (described as “Steve McQueen-inspired” by the marketing crew), and I’d say it’s at least on the upper-interesting end of floating head and typography posters. As you might have guess from the assemblage of pixels on the right (click to big), it stars Russell Crowe and is about a man attempting to bust his wife out of prison after she’s sentenced to 20 years for murder. Well, he obviously succeeds or there would be no movie, so it’s probably more accurate to say it is about a man who busts his wife out of prison and tries not to get his and his wife’s lives murdered away.


The movie is the newest from Crash director and Casino Royale writer (the bad with the good) Paul Haggis, who pulled both duties for this film. It also represents the latest team up of Russell Crowe and the RZA since American Gangster before Crowe flies off to Shanghai to be a Kung Fu co-star. RZA isn’t really evident in the trailer though, which you can see below. Liam Neeson seems to be having fun as the prison escapee who advises Crowe on how to jailbreak his wife (a gentleman wants custom ringtones dammit).

The film open mid-Novemeber, on the 19th, across screens nationwide.