20th Century Fox has told Ridley Scott that his budget for the planned Alien prequel is too nuts for them. Reports indicate Scott is looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 million, a sum Fox can’t even fathom.

Regarding the story, Scott told The Independent “The film will be really tough, really nasty”, which is EXACTLY how it needs to be. It’s brilliant that the man who started the franchise is now jazzed to return – and has a great vision for it. But if 20th Century Fox thinks they’re going to be able to pressure him into accepting a smaller budget and turning in a PG-13 film, they’re crazier than we give them credit for.

Scott is a notoriously bull-headed director, and if Fox continues these demands he’ll never budge and the movie won’t get made. While I would love to see another Ridley Scott Alien film, I don’t want it under moronic restrictions. If Scott is to make his prequel he’ll need to do it his way, and it would be good for 20th Century Fox to give him the check, leave him alone and let him do it.