I’ve enjoyed Ciaran Hinds in everything I’ve seen of his. From In Bruges, to Munich, to There Will Be Blood, he’s consistently turned in wonderful performances. I even liked him in Tomb Raider.

Hollywood Reporter reveals that Mr. Hinds is attempting to test me yet again, as he’s currently in negotiations to portray Lucifer in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The film finds Johnny Blaze hiding out in Europe, when he’s discovered by a secret society who want him to help prevent the devil from taking mortal form.

While the first Ghost Rider was… less than perfect, its sequel appears to have a lot more going for it. For starters, (Mark) Neveldine and (Brian) Taylor are in charge, handling the writing/directing chores in lieu of the original’s Mark Steven Johnson. The story (by David Goyer) is reportedly darker in tone and Nicholas Cage, for all his faults, is still capable of turning in a great performance. If Ciaran Hinds is able to sign on it’ll be another plus.

Expect filming to begin in late November, and the unnecessary hate to start now.