Despite obvious and prevalent greenscreen work, the trailer for The Warrior’s Way might fool you into thinking you’re watching a traditional wushu flick. It’s got all the usual tropes- the silent badass (The Promise‘s Jang Dong Gun) holding the pose after killing a foe in a swordfight, dozens of blacksuited ninjas popping up out of nowhere, people flying through the air left and right. Yes, it all looks very typical, until it takes a sharp right turn (and ride across the ocean) and dives into Western territory. That’s with white folks (Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush and Danny Huston) as well as an actual western setting, with cowboys and horses and dames in big dresses and everything.

And then, East and West collide, quite literally, in a massive battle.

Have to say, it’s a great concept. The action looks utterly ridiculous, even if it’s got that horrible fake sheen to it thanks to the aforementioned green screens. But hey, it’s exciting to see Jang get top billing here and slicing people up with the quickness.

Check out the trailer for this film, which looks like Lone Wolf and Cub and 300 came to the Wild West to have a baby, at Apple trailers.

The Warrior’s Way hits theaters December 13th from Rogue Pictures.