Gotta love the Interwebs. 

First, we stumbled upon the highly credible rumor about David Fincher’s The Game getting the Criterion Collection treatment from Home Theater Forum.  Then, Ryan (solid first name, dude) Gallagher from The Criterion Cast happened upon my article about said rumor and decided to do some digging and investigating of his own.

After finding out about his post courtesy of Google Alerts, I’m happy to report back to you fine folks that Gallagher has reinforced our suspicions: I’ve reached out to some sources that haven’t let me down so far in
terms of Criterion rumors, and discovered that this will indeed be
finding it’s way to the Collection, in
April of 2011 (assuming everything goes according to plan).

It’s safe to say that this is as close to confirmation we can get until Criterion announces it officially (which is expected to be in January).  Things could always change but it’s looking more and more likely that this isn’t going to only be a fan’s dream for much longer.