I will say this for the completely and utterly unneccessary Men in Black 3 — it’s definitely casting upwards.  According to THR’s Heat Vision,  the delightful Emma Thompson has joined the cast which includes Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin (be still my heart), and Jemaine Clement (be still my heart, again.)

Thompson, being very posh and British, will of course be placed in a position of authority. She will be playing the head of the MIB, Agent Oh.  If they go very meta, and put her on the phone with MI6’s Dame Judi Dench’s M, I will be very impressed.

Though Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are returning, most of the film reportedly takes place in 1969 with  Brolin (be still my heart) playing a younger version of Jones’ Agent Kay.  So that means everyone is going to be decked out in snazzy mod suits, which is awesome.  It also means they can save money on make-up by leaving Clement’s sideburns intact.

Do they still need a pug? Mine is just waiting for his close-up, and would look fantastic in a sharkskin suit.