Saw Gone Baby Gone.  Loved it.  Saw The Town.  Also loved it.  Even when Ben Affleck was at his lowest in public opinion and/or support, I was never one to be on the dogpile.  I thought the guy always had more gas in the tank, despite that three-year run or so after The Sum of All Fears.  Glad to see that he’s been able to come back in a big way with these last two films.  Apparently so is Warner Bros.  Vulture has it that Affleck has already been offered his next directing gig by the studio: Tales From the Gangster Squad

The film details the exploits of L.A.’s unofficial squad of cops whose mission it was to try to give notorious gangster Mickey Cohen a trip down Mulholland Falls (i.e. get him to leave town) in the 1940s.  Former-cop-turned-novelist and Castle writer, Will Beall, reportedly adapted the screenplay from a series of 2008 L.A. Times articles by reporter Paul Lieberman.  At this point, Affleck is only said to be in talks to direct.  He’s due to star in Terence Malick’s next film for 2012 and may also be in consideration to direct Homeland, a pilot about a sleeper cell and an ex-CIA operative for Showtime.

(Just curious, any chance he could reboot Daredevil himself, starring himself, written by Frank Miller and himself and produced by himself?  Did you see how shredded the guy still was in The Town? Pretty sure he could get Jennifer Garner back.  And no Evancescence bullshit.  Just sayin’, I didn’t hate on the Daredevil Director’s Cut.  Justputtingitouttherepleasedon’thateme…)