When I was a little kid, watching reruns on daytime TV, I always thought The Munsters was the poor man’s The Addams Family. That didn’t seem to stop lil’ me from watching the show constantly, of course. It certainly had its charms; largest of which (both figuratively and physically) was the late-great Fred “sometimes dead is better” Gwynne. The show – a play on the classic home-life sitcom format, featuring a family of Universal monsters with one normal hot daughter – was good horror fun for kids. A moderate success in the ratings, the show spawned several successful TV-movies, one theatrical flop, Munsters, Go Home! (1966), and a largely forgotten TV reboot, The Munsters Today (1988-1991).

Now, Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller is hoping that his reboot will prove more memorable. EW.com is reporting that NBC has ordered a pilot for a modern day Munsters from Fuller, which is being described as Modern Family meets True Blood. Depending on your thoughts regarding The Munsters and Fuller, this news may not interest you much. What if I told you that Guillermo del Toro is supposedly circling the project to take a behind-the-scenes role?

Thus far there is no casting news. Though if I were Brad Garrett, I’d be all over this shit. 

Thanks to Ryan Bean.