There are rumors that Sam Raimi and District 9 producer Bill Block are trying to get an alien invasion film into production. Called EDF, for Earth Defense Force, the movie would tell the tale of an alien invasion force going toe-to-toe against a united Earth coalition.

As this is so early on in the development stage there’s no word on who will direct, although New York Magazine reports it won’t be Raimi. NYM say they’ve read the script, which was penned by Andrew Marlowe (Hollow Man), so if you’re interested in reading more about what the plot might be – before all the re-writes happen – check out the link above.

First impressions will likely be to compare it to Independence Day (as it sounds more action oriented), as opposed to the more character driven District 9. Until we start getting more information regarding cast and crew and possible new plot elements, there’s no use in being negative about it. I for one would love another excellent invasion movie, so hopefully if this ever really gets off the ground it may prove to be something special.