Sure, it looks a lot like a regular ol’ Nintendo DS, but this is the 3DS, the amazing little 3D system. At yesterday’s Nintendo Conference 2010 the company dropped all the details you’d ever want to know about their system before a few billion of you pick them up.


The system will come in two colors, Aqua Blue (pictured) and Cosmos Black. It comes with a new telescoping touch pen, a 2GB SD card, AC adapter and neat little charger stand, as well as six augmented reality cards that use the cameras. It’s got two outer 0.3 megapixel cameras and one inside, stereo speakers and a mic, and yes that is indeed an analog stick.The system also has a motion sensor, gyro sensor, slide pad, and can likely look deep into your soul.

The top screen is 3.53 inches with a liquid crystal display of 800 x 240 pixels. The button screen is 3.02 inches with a liquid crystal display of 320 x 240 pixels.

The system will go on sale in Japan on February 26th of next year,
saddening investors by not making it this holiday season. The US and
Europe will get the system a month later in March. It will cost ¥25,000, or $298. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll pay the same- Nintendo’s got to be wary of releasing such an expensive system at a time when everyone’s cutting back.

But man, what other system gives you a 3D experience without requiring glasses? It’s just a shame that you actually have to hold it in your hands to get the experience.

But anyway, enough of the specs, what of the games? A ton of companies are working on titles featuring some of their flagship franchises. New Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Zelda, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus and Metal Gear Solid (not to mention Nintendogs…) games are all on their way. The games look great, too- just check this Resident Evil shot out for an example.

Now imagine it in 3D. Man, fuck those pricey 3D HDTVs, this is the future. Check out this trailer for a look at more of the games!