Quick- tell me
the plot of Myst!

Didn’t think you’d be able to. No one remembers the 1993 game for
anything but its pretty-yet-static visuals, which were amazing at a time
when people didn’t expect photo-realism in their games.

a lack of gameplay it sold oodles of copies and an adaptation was
always bandied about, but it’s not exactly an easy property to adapt. It
doesn’t even have a readily recognizable hero or plot so what could
they do with it?

Deadline reports
that the game has has been optioned by producers Hunt Lowry and Mark
Johnson along with Adrian Vanderbosch and Isaac Testerman of Mysteria
Film Group, the guys who got the rights from developer Cyan Worlds

“Our aim with this project
is to stretch the genres it operated within, much like the source
material did,” Vanderbosch said. “It is such an innovative property and
by utilizing the novels as our primary resource, we have the opportunity
to offer audiences the essence of MYST  without being limited
only to the famous island of the first game. Our focus has always been
on creating an entirely new visual experience driven by engaging
characters and an epic narrative.”

They will attempt to make some
semblance of a plot from the mythology of the games (which saw you
traveling around an alien world, freeing people trapped inside of books)
and a trilogy of novels to the game. Good luck to them! It could be
nice to have a blank canvas to do something interesting with it, and
there’s certainly some iconic imagery that they could use. SIGNSAREALLAROUNDUS