What is this? Every single day of the week (almost), a new “Graboid”, a single moment grabbed from a random movie, appears on this site for you to guess the name of the film, share with your officemates, or discuss on our message boards. Sometimes the Graboid will be very easy and sometimes it’ll be as obscure as obscure gets. So read the news, read the reviews, and enjoy a screencap each and every day for your guessing pleasure.


September Stats

Guesser Graboid Date Total
Teitr Styrr Chariots of Fire 9/1 4
Enemy of the State 9/2
The Aviator 9/15
Ocean’s 12 9/17
Tati Doom 9/3 2
Attack of the Clones 9/24
brandhay Wimbledon 9/22 1
Rene (Mr. Eko) Commando 9/23 1
Mr. Cellophane My Best Friend’s Wedding 9/26 1
dontEATnachos My Best Friend’s Wedding 9/23 1
Walter The Einstein Frog Blade 9/7 1
Eric Wacker Hellboy 9/14 1
ShaunShady (TB) Lethal Weapon 4 9/5 1
Phil Dean Dead Alive 9/3 1
Rowan (TB) Desperado 9/13 1
Tomas Mejor Dark Night of the Scarecrow 9/16 1
Aeghast The Dark Knight 9/19 1