It looks like Eduardo Sanchez might finally be coming out of the woods.  The Blair Witch Project
co-writer and co-director, who’s only directed a handful of films in
the last decade, and none of which have even come close to his
nausea-inducing breakthrough, is prepping Possession.  Sanchez wrote and will be directing the indie thriller, which has just cast Johnny Lewis (AVPR) and Alexandra Holden (The Frequency of Claire).  The film centers on a young newlywed couple that falls prey to a
demonic spirit. Lewis will play the groom, and Holden will play the
bride’s sister and maid of honor.


Lewis has most recently been seen on Sons of Anarchy and in The Runaways.  He has films The City of Gardens and Magic Valley upcoming.  And Holden gets a lot of work in TV guest spots, having recently appeared in The Mentalist, Cold Case and Royal Pains.  She has the TV film, Healing Hands, upcoming.

via THR’s Heat Vision