Skyline is a Mulligan of a movie. Even if it’s worse than Stigkata* it’s no big deal. No one knew it was coming until a few months ago and it’s a movie about gigantic space jerks hauling ass to Earth in gigantic alien rides. Even if it’s a SyFy movie with top dog FX work [and the Bros. Strauss are indeed top FX dogs and I bet they tell good Nursery Rhymes too], we win.

When your leading men are Eric Balfour and Donald Faison there had better be some Galaxy Soggoths in tow.

The new second trailer features more of the destruction and beastly mayhem that so engaged Comic Con crowds, and it also showcases a few moments that have Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Cloverfield, War of the Worlds, and Dead Heat (in my dreams) vibes. It looks interesting, though I fear that the spectacle will be the main enjoyment for folks who are more discerning. That said, this independently made and then studio bought flick will definitely have high school dudes shouting ‘Dude’ when they see hundreds of lazy bodies being sucked into the sky.

Either way… giant alien assholes + the destruction of places I love = free press screening invite TAKEN.

Watch the trailer here and wonder when Donald Faison and Eric Balfour are going to be household names outside of the Faison and Balfour households.

* manifesting the exact wounds as Kurt Thomas’ career.