As I have mentioned before I believe that seeing a film in the cinema enhances the experience, with that in mind I tend to stick to the same cinema whenever I go. This is primarily because I don’t want to add anything into the mix that might ruin the experience. Now before you say anything I already know this is a pretty anal thing to do but that’s just the way I am. However on Friday I discovered that sometimes it’s worth taking a risk.

The centre of Bristol has recently been revamped and renamed as Cabot Circus*. Now I have been there a couple of times since they have done it up and it’s very nice, full of some very good shops and fantastic eateries including one owned and run by Ramond Blanc** but until Friday I had never been inside the cinema.  You see normally I’m not a big fan of the Showcase chain, I think the chairs suck and it’s overpriced. It’s also the only cinema I have been to where they constantly have technical difficulties with the film. However this Showcase was different it had something called a Directors Lounge in it.

The wife had booked us a table at one of the afore mentioned eateries and as a surprise booked tickets to see Iron Man 2 in the Directors Lounge.  Now I have paid for premium seating before (which is what i assumed this was) and always thought it was bit of a con but this was more than just more comfy seats, it was a whole new experience. Once inside there was a very nice looking bistro (which I must try next time I go) and a rather swanky bar/lounge area. All drinks, popcorn etc is bought to you by a waitress and you hang out in the bar until the film starts.

Now here is where I was really impressed. The screening room itself was smaller than normal and with less seats, but each seat was leather and looked like it belonged on the bridge of the Enterprise. You had a small side table for you drink and food rather than a crappy cup holder and waiting staff could be called to your seat right up until the end of the trailers. I also found out you have to be at least 18 to purchase a ticket and because they were more expensive than a normal one you are very unlikely to get anyone spoiling your enjoyment. In fact I was surrounded by people who were respectful, turned off their phones and remained quite (and seated) throughout the whole movie.

Basically I was in geek heaven.

As for the film itself I loved it, despite some mixed reviews I found it to be as good as the first one and a worthy flick to be the one to take my Director’s Lounge cherry (so to speak).

That’s it for this blog, I know it’s a little shorter than normal but it’s a Bank Holiday. Which if you are British means a 3 day weekend, crap weather but the promise of a Bond movie on the TV. So I’m going to kick back, relax and hope I get to see Roger Moore try and seduce women half his age.

* Named after John Cabot the explorer. The original name was the merchant quarter which a lot of people felt reminded everyone of the city’s slave trading past. History lesson over.

**A two starred Michelin chef, you see I am cultured.