Phase 4 Films has announced that their upcoming film Scar, which stars Angela Bettis of May fame, will be the first ever 3D VOD release.

Scar is clever in that it’s an original film that almost seems like a sequel to a slasher film. Bettis stars as Joan Burrows, the sole survivor of a torturous serial killer named Ernie Bishop, who she killed while escaping from his house. 16 years after her ordeal Burrows tries to settle back into her hometown but soon high school kids start disappearing (kids disappearing again! Santa’s been busy.)  which makes her believe that it’s not quite over yet. The police, however, believe something else. They think that she’s responsible.

“I grew up with the wave of 3-D horror films in the 1980s, and I was at the theater for every one of those movies,” says director Jed Weintrob, “so when I was offered the opportunity to make an homage to the classic slasher horror films in the new digital stereoscopic 3-D, I jumped at it. It’s incredible how much more visceral the horror becomes in this new generation of 3-D. We literally had someone in the audience pass out at our first test screening!”

Scar is set for release this Friday, October 1st and will premiere on every major cable broadcaster’s VOD section and contain a bonus for anyone with a 3D HDTV set and liquid crystal shutter glasses.

Of course, the rub here is that I don’t actually know anyone who owns both of those things- do any of you? Regardless, the film looks interesting and it’s great to see a little horror film able to claim an achievement like this. Check out the trailer below and keep an eye out for it tomorrow!