Hold on there, Phantasm fans. Not that Tall Man. (BOYYYY)

While the wait for Phantasm 5 continues (c’mon, guys, Scrimm is getting up there!), Pascal Laugier, director of the brutal Martyrs has just started shooting his next film. He’s in Canada right now on the set of Tall Man, a story about a “legendary, mysterious dark figure who takes children away never to be seen again.” (Santa?) Jessica Biel stars as a woman whose son is taken and fights to get him back and figure out just who this tall man is.

“We really believe in the story and all the talent involved in this project. Jessica Biel’s sensitivity and diverse performances are a perfect fit for the role,” says Clement Miserez of Radar Films, in a press release.

Diverse… performances. Right.
Regardless, Laugier has definitely proved that he’s got chops, and we’ll see what he does with this one. The film will shoot for eight weeks with a final wrap set for November 18th- we’ll bring you more as we hear it.