I just recently re-watched The Lost Boys and, I have to say, it still holds up after all these years.  Sure, it’s positively 80s — the hair, the jokes, the completely ridiculous band that plays at the carnival with a frontman that is a miraculous cross between Jon Mikl Thor and Kenny G, and of course, the cast. 

But, damnit, it still works.  (Plus that “Cry Little Sister” song rules.)

I can’t say the same for the one-decade-too-late sequel that brought back both Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, Lost Boys: The Tribe.  Catching it briefly on TBS may not have been giving it the fairest of chances, but I know a crap movie when I see one.

Apparently, though, the powers that be (in this case, Warner Home Video) has seen to it to heap another helping of the Boys on us, whether we like it or not.  This one is called Lost Boys: The Thirst.  And since this world is now down to one semi-relevant Corey (RIP Haim), the filmmakers dug deep into the bowels of casting lore to find Alan Frog himself, Jamison Newlander, to keep Feldman company.

The DVD is pretty bare bones – save for 8 minutes of Charisma Carpenter hosting “The Art of Seduction: Vampire Lore,” which may actually be the best 480 seconds of video on the disc – but the Blu-ray comes with some extras: several, little featurettes including the aforementioned one and a digital copy of the flick. 

Both editions come out just in time for Halloween on October 12th, but be sure you save up until then because these two are not cheap:  single-disc DVD runs you $27.95; Blu-ray goes for $35.99.