Over the past few years Nick Nunziata, dude who owns this site, has been working on a novel with NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten. We certainly don’t intend to cram the book down your throats, but for those of you who are interested in it, I thought I could bring you up to speed on everything that is out there for it.

For the past few weeks I’ve also been involved in the promotion of the books, helping co-ordinate some behind-the-scenes stuff that has resulted in the main page for the book, which can be found at Take a look at the site, which represents the effort of some talented visual artists, including CHUD’s own Jeremy Butler.

You can also take check out the Facebook Page for the book, and give it a “like,” so all of your bastard friends can see it too, and know how badass you are for enjoying cool books. Finally, there are also some cool things out there for the book, to be found by those with a keen eye and who know where to look (clues are closer than you think though).

If you’re curious what the book is about, Nick has written about it before here and here (he even gave away shirts at Comic Con), but here’s the official synopsis…

…Patrick “Shep” Shepherd was a promising major league rookie baseball
pitcher when September 11th, 2001, hit. Shaken by the attacks, Shep left
behind his soul mate and newborn daughter to enlist in the Armed
Forces. Eleven years and four deployments later, Shep finds himself in
Manhattan’s VA hospital. His left arm is gone, his wife and daughter are
gone, and he is haunted by the nightmares of war. December 21st.: While
world leaders meet at the U.N., Mary Klipot, a bio-hazard level-4
scientist working at the CIA labs in Fort Detrick, enters the Big Apple
with Scythe, a swift-acting version of the Black Death designed to wipe
out America’s enemies abroad. Believing she is carrying out God’s
wishes, Mary infects herself, then unleashes Scythe upon Manhattan. The
threat of a worldwide pandemic forces officials to seal off the island .
. . the president among those trapped. Determined to rescue his wife
and child, Shep follows his guide, Virgil Shechinah, through the
plague-infected neighborhoods of Manhattan, revisiting the “Nine Circles
of Hell” as portrayed in Dante’s Inferno. And the Grim Reaper, loosed
upon the land by a humanity who has once again tipped the scales in
favor of evil over good, is stalking Patrick Shepherd…

The newest
novel from Steve Alten is an equally exciting and terrifying tale of
the supernatural intervening in our already frightening world.

“This is Alten at his delicious best.”
– Andrew Tallackson, Entertainment Editor, The News-Dispatch, Michigan City, IN

“…An instant classic!”
– Washington Daily News


Check it all out, let us know what you think, and thanks for your interest folks!