I did not really like Sherlock Holmes. Not much at all. But I love Downey, Ritchie, and Law so if they feel compelled to further the mythos who am I to judge? They made a ton of money and gave birth to the franchise and I think most of us would agree that Sherlock Holmes can’t be judged until he gets to square off against his most vital foil, Professor Moriarty.

Many names were mentioned as the frontrunners for the gig, amazing folks like Daniel Day-Lewis and Brad Pitt. Those are folks who would be amazing to watch, especially the once and future Daniel Plainview.

Apparently they didn’t pan out.

Latino Review [Pay your respects there and give Kelvin a little squeeze in the ass for me] splattered the Earth with the exclusive news of who will apparently be filling the shoes and dark coat of the man and it’s the Son of a Man Called Horse.

Jared Harris, an actor who has been around for a good while acting alongside the likes of Asia Argento, Mr. Pitt [he was one of the best parts of ‘Benji Button’], and currently the massive knockers of Mrs. Geoffrey Arend on Mad Men.

He’s a good actor and able to dissolve into roles, but I truly feel that a character like Moriarty needed to be larger than life and be cast accordingly. He’s an actor’s actor and a class act, but can you imagine what the previously mentioned A-Listers could have provided a sequel with a tough road already ahead of it?

But I’m wrong a lot of the time, so let’s see where this goes.