A little over a week ago I posted a notice that Trent Reznor had arranged for five free tracks of the Social Network to be released, and that the album proper would be available for $3 for 48 hours upon release. Today’s the start.

you head over to the soundtrack’s site, you can grab the album in its
digital form for the reduced price, or you can grab it in a number of
physical format options. Of course, the price only goes up to $5 after
the 48 hours, but every buck counts.

unexpected, natural, and totally badass addition? They’re holding a
remix competition, the Grand Prize for which is a trip to LA to meet
Trent and Atticus, and see The Social Network in the big city on opening night. Two tracks from the album have been uploaded in multi-track form onto the remix.NIN.com website for intrepid musicians to tear apart and rebuild. Thing is, the deadline is midnight tonight. Atticus and Trent will pick their favorites. More details on the Facebook page here.

I can say that if we exit 2010 without Social Network being the best film of the year, it means either the Coens knocked it way out of the park again,
or something truly incredible popped up at the finish line. Fincher’s
latest film is a remarkable piece of filmmaking, and it is backed by an
incredible cast, an incredible script, and yes, an incredible score
(review from my ass coming soon).


As fans of Reznor might expect, the score is heavily reminiscent of the instrumental Ghosts
album, and even integrates fragments from it. The third track of the
album “A Familiar Taste” is pretty much a straight up port of “35 Ghosts
IV,” while the track “Magnetic” integrates fragments of “The Believers”
from HDA, and large chunks of “14 Ghosts II.” That said, there is a
whole new texture to this collection of music, and it augments the film
stupendously. The duo’s take on “In The Hall of the Mountain King”
specifically is terrific, and perfectly enhances the tilt-shift rowing
sequence in the film.

Check it out for yourself!

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