Possibly as early as spring 2011, HBO will be launching a 3D on-demand channel. The channel will offer a per-play fee for recent three-dimensional films, such as Warner Home Videos’ recently announced 3D Blu-ray Clash of the Titans, The Polar Express, and Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, which will presumably be followed shortly by some older films and Real Sex 35 3D.

The big rumor mill news surrounding HBO 3D involves Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Hollywood in Hi Def has a source that told the site that WB (also a subsidiary of Time Warner, like HBO) wants to premiere a post-con 3D version of the hit Leo mindfucker on HBO 3D. Though, in the same piece, they also note that “both the HBO spokesperson and a spokesperson for Warner Bros. Pictures
say there are no such 3D plans for “Inception” at this time.
” So take that as you will.

Nolan put his foot down with WB before, using his hefty Dark Knight clout with the studio to keep 3D far away from Inception. It seems unlikely to me that Nolan would take time out of his busy schedule to oversee a surely awful post-con sweep of the film now. It also seem unlikely that WB would be trying to work around Nolan. But one never knows, I suppose. What is likely is that Nolan will not be able to put his foot down twice with WB. The upcoming Batman 3 will surely be 3D.