The Lone Ranger has been quite the revenue stream over the last three-quarters of a century- an American icon born out of 30s radio, the characters has appeared in virtually every entertainment medium with all the merchandise imaginable. He’s mostly been relegated to smaller comic books and video games for the last 20 years, but Verbinski and Johnny Depp believe the character is ripe for a comeback.

Gore Verbinski, who directed the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy that Depp is continuing with Rob Marshall, has just finished Rango, a computer animated film for which Depp provides the lead voice. According to Deadline he is “getting serious about make his next directing outing The Lone Ranger.” This is a Jerry Bruckheimer joint by the way, and he could use it after an uncharacteristically underperforming 2010.

It’s been years and years since Depp hasn’t had an impossibly full slate, so it remains to be seen how this might shake out with his various upcoming Burton films and sequels. No word on who would actually hop into Silver’s saddle, as Depp would be taking on the role of Tonto. Whoever it is, I hope they’re prepared to play second fiddle to their own sidekick.

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