Rockstar just revealed this official artwork for Red Dead Redemption‘s somewhat controversial Undead Nightmare DLC pack, which is a nice take on some familiar artwork.

While there’s been a couple of DLC packs for Red Dead Redemption already, most recently the “Cheats and Liars” pack which contained multiplayer versions of Liar’s Dice and Poker on top of new multiplayer modes, Undead Nightmare will be the first to feature new single-player content. It will come with tons of new missions, all beating a new zombie theme! Expect ghost towns (ghosts in Tumbleweed, finally?) cemeteries, new characters for multiplayer, and new animals to hunt.

An official trailer for the DLC will hit Thursday- we’ll let you know when it’s up.

What do you think- do zombies not belong in this world? Is it worth it just for more single player missions?