The fourth DLC pack for Borderlands has just hit Xbox 360, with PS3 coming later in the day! Titled Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution and featuring an evil Ninja Assassin Claptrap as a main baddie, the content features a huge amount of new missions, loot, and enemies. The DLC for Borderlands has been some of the best around- just absolutely massive pieces of gameplay that are completely worth the extra dough, all of them adding new experiences and features and improving the already-great game.

Like the others, this one allows you to build up your character a tiny bit more, giving you two more skill points (for a total of 61 skill tree points) as well as six more backpack slots to store your new weapons. The story:

Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution invites recruits to attempt to beat down the deadly Claptrap revolution either as a lone gunman or in co-op teams of four treasure hunters using many of the more than 17 million unique weapons available in the game. Brave volunteers will find themselves caught in the lethal crosshairs between the Hyperion Corporation’s fortified armadas and the ever-growing army of homicidal Claptraps and “Claptrap-ified” enemies led by one of the most eagerly awaited characters in the franchise’s history – the cunning Ninja Assassin Claptrap. 

Clatptrap’s New Robot Revolution will run you 800 points, or 10 new dollars. Anyone who has yet to dive into the world of Borderlands might want to wait just a tad, however- a Game of the Year edition will be hitting on October 12th that will bundle the game with codes to download all four dlc packs, a 40 buck value by itself.