CHUD alum, Dave Davis, over at Joblo,
has word that frequent collaborators, Sebastian Gutierrez and the
luscious Carla Gugino, are planning to re-team yet again for a film to
be distributed via the web only.  The project is titled Girl Walks Into a Bar
and centers on a group of strangers and a series of ten bars and
lounges across Los Angeles over the course of one night. 
Gugino will portray a feisty would-be assassin
who is plotting with a dentist (Zachary Quinto) to take out his
wife.  The attempt to secure her payment leads to an odyssey
across the series of bars, lounges and strip clubs, where we’re
introduced a variety of offbeat characters to be portrayed by such
notables as Danny DeVito, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Josh Hartnett, Alexis
Bledel and Rosario Dawson among others. 

Said Gutierrez about the project: “We want to prove that Web distribution is a viable medium for theatrical quality movies which rely on story

characters and dialogue as opposed to special effects. For many reasons
the theatrical indie landscape has changed drastically in the last few
years, leaving many potential breakout hits without an audience.  We
are excited to break the rules of feature films

by letting people watch our movie for free online.”  Considering
the plethora of Sin City alumni and the premise, it almost sounds like
a sounds like a de facto sequel.  More details as they come.