Paranormal Activity 2
is taking their viral marketing extremely seriously- exclusive clips are showing up on the web from mysterious flash drives, slipped to members of the online press in kinda freaky ways. Apparently journalists are having them planted on them, or delivered to them at strange places (Fantastic Fest being the common element here).

CHUD has received just such a clip, and frankly, I think it’s the freakiest of the ones I’ve yet seen. Take a look…

…sure looks like a baby in a pool to me, but whatever is going on, it’s not good for anybody. Like all of the material so far, there is the hint of hidden clues and embedded imagery, so feel free to tear it up looking for that kind of stuff.

There’s a lot of effort being taken in keeping the mystery and horror of the Paranormal Activity concept alive. It’s rare that marketing materials do such a great job of complementing the actual film, much less feeling like they could actually fit within the movie. I think this sequel is going to have the public on-board with it right away, and no matter what you think of it, if the film frightens mass audiences as effectively as last time, it could be another hit.

Child endangerment is always a good way to go.

If you find anything interesting in the trailer, or have any theories about the hell is going on, let us know on the CHUD MESSAGE BOARD.