Between the impressive bulk of Chris Hemsworth for Thor, and Chris Evan’s stupidly big arms for Captain America,
it’s obvious that Marvel has no interest in little wispy pansies
playing their heroes. They’re definitely trying to bring the gratuitous
anatomy of the comics to the screen. In any event, a ton of Captain America
set photos and videos have been flowing onto the internet in the last
couple of days, and here is a quick look at them, and where to go to
find more.

up is a look at Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, running about in a pair
of safety feet (!). Evans looks almost unrecognizable with that head of
blonde hair, parted like a proper gent (INF).


We’ve also got some shots of the general mayhem on the streets of 1940s New York, coming from TheDailyMail and photographer Barry John.

And finally from
we have a ton of photos of the intense fleet of 40s-ear automobiles
(pre-blown up) that Marvel has lined up for the shoot. There some very
beautiful, very rare cars rolling around on that set. There’s even video
to go with it, including an overall set walkthrough.

super cool that we’ve got a string of period superhero films coming to
liven up the landscape of comic book movies. This kind of dedication to
bringing new texture to the genre is what’s going to keep it alive and
interesting for the next
decade of Superhero-property mining. There’s got to be the stories and
scripts to match the energy though, and I’ve seen and heard far fewer
positive signs for those prospects on some of these Avengers lead-ups.

is a huge project that’s certainly going to draw the cameras and
gawkers to the elaborate sets so it’s going to be hard for Marvel to
keep the Chris Evans-filled suit under wraps once they bust it out.
Marvel may want to get out ahead of the leak with a nice promo shot, as
they’ve done with Iron Man in the past. Look for it soon if it happens.

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