If you’re like us and found Just Cause 2 this year’s most underrated gem, get ready for a welcome surprise: Avalanche Studios is working three projects right now, one of which is almost certainly Mad Max: Fury Road.

Eurogamer reports that God of War II director Cory Barlog, who’s been confirmed as the lead on a Fury Road tie-in since 2008, is working with Avalanche studios on an unnamed project. Barlog’s tweets make it clear that the joint effort is a Mad Max game, especially this one:

“I need a rockstar level girl or guy who is up for the challenge of making an amazing AAA mad max game. Is this you?”

Even though post apocalyptic worlds are the rage right now, the Avalanche Engine is a perfect fit for patrolling the wasteland in a souped-up Falcon.  A pack of wolves couldn’t tear me away.