It’s no secret that CHUD has entered a new era.  We’re moving forward and growing by leaps and bounds and we’ve already started bringing you the awesome with more surprises in store.  But, while we’re all for celebrating the long life of the New Flesh, it never hurts to take a look back and celebrate the things we’ve done in the past.  Things like Lists.  They’re a tremendous part of CHUD’s identity and we’ve lost count of how many of you guys have cited them as the reason you got on board with us in the first place.  We’ve done a lot of them – some forgotten, some still mentioned in almost every forum discussion – all of them fun.  So we’re bringing them back.  And what better time than now that our first list under the new regime is well under-way?  So – every Friday we’ll publish a freshly-put-together index of every list we’ve ever done – our Remastered Special Editions, if you will.  Plus, we’ll have a few surprises along the way.  So, without further ado…

100 Movies that Deserve More Love
Originally Published in MOVIE INSIDER, re-run on the site in 2005
Featured Writers:  Nick Nunziata, Dan Whitehead

For all the attention spurted across the chests of a handful of movies each year, there are dozens more that are shunted aside, trampled underfoot or otherwise treated to the shitty end of the stick by the grinding gears of the movie machine. Many of these movies deserve to languish in obscurity, but there are plenty that are worth more than that and that’s why we’ve rolled up our sleeves to retrieve some unloved and under-appreciated gems from the dustbin of history. Within this countdown you’ll find hated blockbusters and underseen cult classics, you’ll find A-list megastars, and unsung C-list heroes. You’ll find an alarming amount of Kevin Dillon and Renny Harlin, plus Donald Sutherland as a monk. You’ll find great movies that you were sure only you knew about, and you’ll find movies that you’ve never heard of. Most importantly, you’ll find that shining a light into the dark corners of movie history almost always unearths something special!

Day One:  76 – 100
Choice Pullquote:  “How many films feature a main character named Fuck Face?  We rest our case.”

Day Two:  51 – 75
Choice Pullquote:  “If the image of Tom Hanks trapped at the torso in the 2nd storey floor of his house tossing little paper airplanes isn’t your cup of tea, you might be drinking sausage.”

Day Three:  26 – 50
Choice Pullquote:  “’I know a little German. He’s sitting over there.’ Come on, that’s funny.”

Day Four:  1 – 25
Choice Pullquote:  “When Sheen confesses to Silver that he looks ‘like a can of smashed assholes’ the stage is set for a pure guilty pleasure flick that’s nowhere near as bad as you’d expect.”

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