Lawrence Kasdan is staffing up for his next movie, Darling Companion, says THR.  Kasdan favorite, Kevin Kline, as well as Diane Keaton, Richard Jenkins and Elisabeth Moss have already signed onto the film, which Kasdan wrote with wife, Meg Kasdan.  The film centers on a woman (Keaton) who takes in a stray dog
as a companion to fill the void left by her distracted husband (Kline),
only to see him lose the mutt after a wedding at their vacation home in
the Rockies. A search for the animal includes several guests and a
mysterious young woman. 
Kasdan will also be producing.

Kasdan is an immensely talented writer (Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back) and has directed a slew of good films, but none since 1999’s
Mumford (good, that is).  This will mark the sixth time Kasdan and Kline have saddled up together, having previously worked on Silverado, The Big Chill, I Love You To Death, Grand Canyon and French Kiss.  No word on whether another Kasdan regular, William Hurt will be tapped for a role.  Kasdan also reportedly will be writing the screenplay for an upcoming adaptation of Paradise Lost that Alex Proyas is directing.