Man it’s been a big week for Martin Scorsese (and, well – organized
crime-related entertainment in general).  First, his new HBO Series
Boardwalk Empire premieres (read our tag team review), then immediately gets picked up for a second season.  Then yesterday GQ publishes an article that goes way behind the scenes of his masterpiece Goodfellas.

Now, if all of that weren’t enough, Deadline is reporting that the Henry Hill biopic will be getting turned into a television series.  According to Mike Fleming:

“My sources tell me that Pileggi’s likely to write at least the pilot
episode. Warner Bros TV is in lead position to grab the series — the
studio distributed the original pic — though several studios want it.
Scorsese’s participation is unclear, but Irwin Winkler is likely to be
the TV exec producer.”

even though a lot of things are still up in the air, it looks like we
may be getting treated to another round in the Henry Hill story.  The
main thing that remains to be seen, however, is just what direction the
story will take.  Will it still be about Henry Hill (or Tommy or
Jimmy)?  Will it be just a general organized crime series that uses the
title for name recognition?  It seems like there isn’t a whole lot left
to tell if they go with the former (and, as some have stated, we kind
of already got the latter with The Sopranos), but we shall see.