Oh, those crazy Canadians.

It’s almost cute to think about Canadians making horror films because they’re such a genuinely kind people.  (I know — I’m from Michigan.)  I mean, giving all their citizens health care?  How nice is that?!

But even our neighbors to the north have a dark side — most often manifested in the work of David Cronenberg, much to our delight.  And it seems that Cronenberg had a hand in jump-starting another famous Canadian filmmaker that we all know and love: Ivan Reitman.

Before he made those classic 80s comedies, Reitman started off producing some of Cronenberg’s early work, which most likely led to him making the horror spoof Cannibal Girls — starring Jim’s Dad himself, Eugene Levy —
as one of his own first features.  The plot seems simple enough: a couple looking for a romantic getaway stop off at a bed-and-breakfast when they realize that the three women running the inn plan on having them for dinner.  Literally. 

Shot for $12,000 and released in 1973, it’s a smorgasbord of horror, comedy, and camp — even throwing in that gimmick of a bell that shows up on screen just before something really nauseating happens.  Shout! Factory is releasing the newly restored, widescreen transfer on DVD for the first time October 26th.  Some extras include “Cannibal Guys” and “Meat Eugene” — two conversations with Reitman and Levy — original trailers and audio spots, and an alternate audio track featuring “The Warning Bell.”

You can expect to throw down $22.97 to bring this one home for Halloween.