Our buddies at UGO have just premiered the trailer for Simon Rumley’s Red, White & Blue. The director of the acclaimed The Living and the Dead has returned with a film that’s made waves already at SXSW and is heading to your home. The official synopsis:

Erica (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’s Amanda Fuller) is a tough,
troubled nymphomaniac with wounds across her soul.  For Erica, sleeping
with multiple men forms the core of her life, until she meets the
mysterious Iraq vet Nate (THE PROPOSITION’s Noah Taylor).  Despite his
quiet air of danger, Nate’s the only guy who doesn’t immediately want to
sleep with her, and the two form a hesitant bond. But in a shocking
twist, one of Erica’s earlier sexual encounters, with wannabe rock star
Franki (Mark Senter), will have unexpected – and devastating –
consequences on both of their lives.  Hard-edged and uncompromising, RED
WHITE & BLUE, from director Simon Rumley (THE LIVING AND THE DEAD),
has already been compared to the works of such disparate filmmakers as
Larry Clark and Sam Peckinpah.

Sure looks intense, check it out!

As we told you last week, Red White & Blue hits IFC Midnight’s VOD today along with four other films, and then plays Fantastic Fest Saturday, September 25th. Keep an eye for our review on the site shortly!